If you have not taken the proper deductions in past years, we can amend your prior year returns for the past three years, and request an additional refund.  The open years until April 15th of 2019 are 2015, 2016 and 2017.  After April 15th of 2019, 2015 will close and no further refunds can be requested!

Download the Amended Return Organizer

Pilot-Tax will not charge you a fee unless amending the return will benefit you substantially. If you are able to receive an additional refund from the IRS, fees will apply.

For us to Amend a prior year return we need the following:

  • Copy of your original return filed
  • Original W-2 – If you do not have a copy, give us a call!
  • Last pay check stub of the year we are amending
  • Copy of all 12 months of Flight Schedules for per diem deduction
  • Completed Amended Return Organizer


Don’t leave $ with the IRS


Call us today or download the Amended Return Organizer!