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IRS Auditors—What you should know!


If you are an IRS Revenue Agent, please let us help you in your audit of an airline professional. In order to explain the employee business expenses for a Pilot, it will be helpful to provide some background on [...]

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IRS Contact Information


The IRS Web site ( contains forms, worksheets and publications you need to complete your tax returns. It also contains advice, FAQs, and new and changing tax laws. There are also links and information for your state taxes and [...]

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What happens if you are audited


First things to do: Call Pilot-Tax: 317-984-7666 Fax the letter to us: 800-951-8879 Don’t Call the IRS Don’t Pay the IRS  The Basics: There are 3 kinds of IRS audits: a correspondence audit, a field audit or an office [...]

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State Tax Issues


Just where do you pay state tax?  You live in MO, you are based in NY and you spend most of your time in Chicago… so where do you pay state taxes? An air crew employee is considered a [...]

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