Q: Is it true that electronically filing my federal or state return makes it more likely that I will be audited?

A: Electronically filing your federal or state return does not increase the likelihood that your return will be selected for audit. In fact, if anything, it reduces the probability of audit because of the internal checking that occurs by the IRS before the return is accepted. By E-filing a return the taxpayer can be assured the IRS has received the return, as we receive proof of receipt, usually within 24 hours. Also, E-filing a return allows the taxpayer to get their refund quicker; especially if it is direct deposited into a bank account. Although some firms charge for this service, it is a benefit we provide free of charge.

Q: I am based at JFK and have an apartment, but I claim Illinois as my permanent home and pay Illinois taxes. Which address do you want from me?

A: BOTH! We need the address of the state you claim for tax purposes and who you pay state taxes to. We also want to have the address of where you can be reached and where you want us to mail your information back to you. If you do not have your refund directly deposited into your account it will be mailed to your tax address.

Q: I spent a lot of money on the professional deduction items, but I can’t find all of my receipts. Can I still take the deduction?

A: Yes! For expenses incurred while traveling, the IRS only requires receipts for each item costing more than $75. For example, if you forgot your voltage converter in Milan and purchased one at the hotel gift shop for $50.00 USD, you are not required to have a receipt – it is a travel related deduction. You do have to keep a logbook for these expenses.  Make sure you list the item, date, and price.

Q: What happens if I tell my friends about my experience, and they choose to use your services?

A: If your friends tell us that they were referred by you, we will give you $25.00 as a thank you! Make sure the people you refer put your full name on the referral line of the Organizer! We will send you a separate check for your referral, rather than deducting it from your fees. We do not pay referrals for clients who do not use us to file a complete tax return, i.e.: Per Diem or Professional Deductions.

Q: I can’t find my flight schedules. What should I do?

A: Please make every effort to obtain a copy of your flight schedules. Most major airlines have an online portal where you can print a copy of your schedules. As a last resort, we can use a more conservative method of calculating your per diem by applying average per diem rates to the number of days you flew. Please call us with any questions.  If your airline utilizes Flightline, you can order the expense report directly from their website and send it to us with your other tax documentation.

Q: My spouse owns a business and uses a separate accountant. Can you figure just my flying deductions?

A: Of Course! We can do just your flying deductions and per diem calculations. We will complete your form 2106, Employee Business Expense Form, and a partial Schedule A. Your accountant can incorporate these deductions right into your return. Just complete the professional deduction organizer.  Just remember that we file several Corporate, Trust and Partnership returns each year – our staff of CPA’s and EA’s is here to assist you with any type of tax preparation – individual or corporate!

Q: What is the best way for me to send you my Organizer and information?

A: The United States Postal Service is usually very reliable.  No information sent to us by mail has ever been “lost”; however, we have had items take several weeks to get to us. We suggest sending your information by certified mail or using an overnight delivery service.  As you know, most airline employees are offered a substantial discount at FedEx when you show your airline ID. There is added security when using an overnight service because your package can be tracked. In addition, this should expedite the processing of your information.