Each year Pilot-Tax services over 1,800 clients worldwide. Our client base includes Domestic, International, and Foreign based corporate, cargo, contract and commercial pilots.

Our process…
  • Each client completes the Pilot-Tax Client Organizer, providing required information for the completion of their Federal and State returns. This Organizer can be mailed to you, or downloaded from the download page our website.
  • If a client has questions concerning the Organizer or their tax situation, we are only a phone call away. For extra peace of mind, give us a call and we will review everything with you to make sure your Organizer is complete.
  • Once you have your W-2’s and all other requested information, send to us. As you  know, you may get a discount on Federal Express shipments with your airline ID.
  • Once we have received all of your documentation, we will contact you if additional information is needed. With Electronic Filing and Direct Deposit, our preferred method, it is possible to have your refund within 14 days of us filing your return. While there is no fee for Electronic Filing, there will be a charge for paper returns due to additional processing requirements.

How long will your refund take?

Electronic Filing with direct deposit  – Within 14-21 Days

Electronic Filing with a paper check – Around 21-28 Days

Paper return with direct deposit – Around 6-8 Weeks

Paper return with paper check – Around 8-12 Weeks

In order for us to have your refund directly deposited into your account, we must have a voided check. Simply take a blank check out of your checkbook and write V O I D across it and send it to us with your information. We use the bank and account information from this check to complete the required information for the IRS.