In this world there are leaders and followers. An entrepreneur is definitely a leader. They assume the risk of starting and operating a
business in order to fulfill a dream and become financially independent. However starting a small business is no easy task, in fact you’ll probably be working harder than ever before. Starting a small business requires much dedication, commitment, financial investment and preparation.

Are you ready to begin your small business journey? Do you have what it takes? Confidence, determination, motivation, and persistence are several characteristics of an entrepreneur. Below you will find starting a small business steps to guide you along your journey; just keep in mind that all small businesses are different so feel free to adjust the steps to meet the needs or your business.

  • Characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Small Business Advice
  • Brainstorm – What is your Passion
  • Type of Business Structure
  • Business Name
  • License & Permits
  • Raising Capital

 See IRS Publication 583