We travel for our profession, related expenses are deductible:

  • Tips to Hotel Van Drivers – when you are traveling on your layover and take the limo from the airport to your assigned hotel your tip to the driver is deductible.  Generally tips are $1 each way or you “buddy buck”.  Be sure to record this in your logbook!
  • Tips to a Hotel Maid are not deductible.   This amount is included in the daily incidental per diem rate.  This amount will be calculated automatically from your flight schedules.
  • ATM / Check Cashing Fees (while on layovers) – because your jobs require you to be away from home, you can deduct the fees you pay for using your ATM card or fees incurred to cash a check while traveling on layovers.  Keep receipts and/or bank statements to support this deduction.

Safety and Professional Items

 All items listed below are deductible for the traveling crewmember as long as you maintain receipts and/or logbook entries per the $75 rule.

  • Luggage Items
  • Garment Bag
  • Luggage Tags
  • Name Tags
  • Wings
  • Watch Battery/Repair Expenses
  • Airline Access Keys
  • Personal Organizer
  • Logbook
  • Galley Supplies
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Portable Alarm Clock
  • Portable Curling Iron
  • Portable Hair Dryer
  • Portable Iron
  • Portable Security Device
  • Portable Smoke Detector
  • International Voltage Converter
  • International Currency Converter
  • Manual Replacement
  • Update and Revision Services
  • ID Replacement
  • Company Business Cards
  • Foreign Visa Expense
  • Global Entry Fee
  • Passport Fee
  • Passport Photo Expense
  • Professional Publications
  • Bid Service Fees
  • Trading Service Fees

Note:  If you pay a service to trade your trips or rearrange your schedule, these fees may be deductible. In order for you to deduct this expense, you must pick up trips of higher time or end up with a line of higher time or greater paying trips. If you trade from domestic to international, this would qualify since international pays more per hour than domestic. If you trade from an aisle position to a galley position at some airlines, this also qualifies since this position has a higher per hour pay.  If you drop your trips and don’t fly a full schedule, your trading fees are not deductible.

  • 2nd Language Education Expense
  • Drug Testing Fees