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“Brett Morrow and Pilot Tax, for the past 8 years have been solid in handling my taxes. They certainly know how to handle airline crew taxes from US airlines as well when I was an Ex-Pat, flying for a foreign airline. They knew the process. I have been impressed each year working with Brett Morrow and Pilot Tax.”
Henry Biernacki (Client Since 2003)
“My relationship with Pilot-Tax started after a long time family accountant was making mistakes on my returns that led to an audit. He (past accountant) just didn’t understand the whole airline (tax detail) and international tax returns. Pilot-Tax has been doing my returns for over 10 years. I have a great relationship with Brett and he has helped a lot with starting my business, Indy Hot Air.”
Jack Semler (Client for over 10 years), 777F Captain and Instructor