2022 Organizer

Full Client Organizer for both Pilots and Non-Flight clients.

2022 Dependent Worksheet

If you are claiming a dependent or you are Head of Household and claiming a dependent, you must complete this form and list each dependent.

Flight Deductions

If you live in AL, AR, CA, HI, NY, MN or PA your state will allow Flight Deductions. We will need the completed “Flight Deduction Organizer”.

Foreign Domicile Organizer

If you lived and worked in another country in 2022, download the Foreign Domicile Organizer.

ACA Worksheet

Required Form if not covered by insurance for the entire year.

8879 Only

Electronic Filing Signature form for Tax Year 2022

*Please be aware that the IRS does not accept Digitally Signed Forms. This form requires a physical signature.

Download and save the PDF to your computer first! Then you can open the PDF in the latest version of Acrobat Reader to fill it out.

Skipping the steps above will cause you to lose all data entered as it will not save from this point.